Table 2

Examples of statements on attitudinal barriers to care in general practice of patients with HIV.

StatementsAgree, % (n)Undecided,% (n)Disagree, % (n)
‘I feel uncomfortable looking after a patient whose sexuality is different from my own’4 (5)1 (1)94 (117)
‘My patients prefer to have their HIV illness managed by specialists’67 (83)30 (37)2 (3)
‘My patients with HIV prefer to have all their health issues managed by specialists’20 (25)40 (49)40 (50)
‘Historically HIV patients have been looked after mainly in secondary care, but their basic care should now be moved over to primary care’29 (36)45 (56)25 (31)
  • Maximum number of missing responses for any statement was 2% (n = 3).