Table 6

Subtopic curtailment.

ExampleFace-to-face, nTelephone, n
Doctor closes subtopic
 P:and he said ehm (.) ‘so what happened this time?’ .
I says ‘somebody was up against my door again’. [I
 D:[yeah . yeah
 P:I says ‘I I I . I can't live like this’
 P:you know I [can't . i- . it
 D:[how long has it been going on for?
 P:sin- since I moved in
 D:which was . how long ago now?
Patient closes subtopic
 D:the pill won't . e:r . affect that [specifically
 D:so you'll kn[ow in that sense when
 P:  [okay . so all is . all is . fine at the moment
 D:[yeah . yeah