Table 5

Closing consultation stages.

ExampleFace-to-face consultation, nTelephone consultation, n
Closing of reason for attendance stage
 (a) Patient initiates closing by restating problem
  P:so . em . I just wondered rather than . come in hh em .
if you could write a prescription for anything?
  D:mm yea:h . I'm sure we can . I'm sure we can . w-what sorta what way are they
. the:y . bothering you. Fiona?
 (b) Patient initiates closing by falling silent
  D:(inbreath) now . you said there's something else as well?
  P:the- . p- . it's been swelling up
  D:right . is that your left leg? (face-to-face consultation))
Closing of verbal/physical examination stage
 (a) Doctor initiates closing by giving decision
  P:(patient responds to doctor's question) but . I don't have any problems
  D:right . no . well that's fine . well . it's . it's . if you are still . if you're still having a regular . bleed
  D: [the chances are you are still ovulating so
  P:right . [right
  D:  [you still need protection [(unclear)
 (b) Patient initiates closing by restating problem
  P:so I was just ringing up to see if I actually needed to be seen or if I needed a . a course of [antibiotics or what
  D:[we::ll . same story of like a boil anywhere in the body
Closing of decision-making stage
 (a) Doctor initiates closing by repeating advice and checking
  D:[I kno:w . but I think . cos the other one's specifically for your skin so ((repeats advice)) see what's going on . but
  D:is that . is that oka:y?
  P:yeah . oh that sounds fine (?doctor)
 (b) Patient initiates closing by restating arrangements
  D:yeah . [yes
  P:  [yeah we had two or three holidays there . it's beautiful . e:rm . so I'll come back and see you a week on Tuesday
  D:yes . and we'll . we'll go through the x-ray and [see what it [shows
  P:   [right [see what it impl[ies
  D:    [yeah