Table 2

Participant characteristics of symptom survey sample and UK demographics

naSymptom survey sample, %UK demographics, %
Age group, years
Marital status
 Married/living together179873.846.2b,c
 No longer married2249.211.0b,c
Social support
Number of children
Educational status
 No formal qualifications25710.7
 Secondary school or equivalent106644.5
 Higher education107244.8
Housing tenure
 Council/housing association rented1646.816.8c
Privately rented and other2409.914.8c
Employment status
 Full time128052.949.7c
 Part time44718.515.9c
 Cannot work due to illness1024.221.4c economically
 Others not in paid work37215.4inactive
Household income, £
 <15 00028713.0∼20.0c,d
 15 000–29 99956625.7∼30.0c,d
 30 000–49 99970031.8∼40.0c,d
 ≥50 00065129.5∼10.0c,d
Ethnic group
Smoking status
 Never smoked133455.453.0e
 Current smoker46119.121.0e
Chronic condition
  • a Total numbers for each group may not add up to full sample due to missing data in participant characteristics categories.

  • b Working age population specifically (18–60 years).

  • c Office for National Statistics data (, accessed April 2010.

  • d Average gross income by decile groups of non-retired households.

  • e General Lifestyle Survey, 2008.16

  • f Proportion of persons aged 16–64 years who reported a longstanding illness – comparable data not available.