Table 2

Independent relationships between age, sex, deprivation, and consultation rate, before and after adjusting for multimorbidity

Consultation rate
Before adjustment for multimorbidity R2 = 0.19After adjustment for multimorbidity R2 = 0.30
Explanatory variableCoefficient95% CIP-valueCoefficient95% CIP-value
Age (per 10-year increase; range ≥18 years)0.170.17 to 0.18<0.0010.090.09 to 0.10<0.001
Sex (reference category: male)0.480.46 to 0.50<0.0010.420.40 to 0.44<0.001
Deprivation (per 10-unit increase in Townsend score)0.120.10 to 0.15<0.0010.030.01 to 0.050.01
Multimorbidity (number of QOF chronic conditions)<0.0010.370.36 to 0.38<0.001
  • All variables were adjusted for each other. n = 99 624 due to missing deprivation data for 373 individuals. QOF = Quality and Outcomes Framework.