Table 5

Serious mental illness with diabetes or cardiovascular disease: adjusted odds ratiosa for glycaemic control and diabetes care targets by ethnic group

HbA1c<7.5%bRetinopathy screening donebObesityc
Ethnic groupOR95% CIOR95% CIOR95% CI
White (reference)111
South Asian0.860.60 to to 1.741.891.37 to 2.63
Black0.920.64 to 1.331.290.93 to 1.780.830.58 to 1.18
  • HbA1c = glycosylated haemoglobin. OR = odds ratio.

  • a Odds ratios adjusted by age, sex, ethnic group, and deprivation, and clustered by practice.

  • b Among patients with diabetes only (n = 1061 for patients with SMI).

  • c Body mass index (BMI) >30 kg/m2 for white and black individuals; BMI >25 kg/m2 for south Asian individuals.