Table 1

Interviewees by quit status

First interviewees (n = 20), returned feedback formAdditional interviewees (n = 5), did not return feedback formSelf-reported quit status at interview (total)
Trial data quit statusaSelf-reported quit statusbTrial data quit statusaSelf-reported quit statusb
Intervention group
Quit during trial, not smoking at time of interview10828
Quit smoking during trial for ≥14 days, relapsed at time of interview372310
Didn’t quit during trial for more than a few (13) days3213
Did not quit, reduced consumption and maintained it at point of interview211
Control group
Quit, not smoking at time of interview22113
  • a Quit status ascertained by reference to biochemically verified continuous abstinence according to trial database at close of trial and information provided on feedback forms if completed.

  • b Quit status subsequently ascertained by self report during interview.