Table 3.

GPs’ referral management and guideline adherence12

Referral indication according to national guidanceaObserved in practiceTotal
ReferredbNot referred
Yes (% of total)633 (19)27913424 (35)
No (% of total)161 (3)62096370 (65)
794 (8.1)90009794 (100)
  • a Defined as the presence of at least one of the following alarm features: age <1 month, age 1–3 months with fever of unknown origin, ill appearance, decreased consciousness, abnormal circulation, persistent vomiting, petechial rash, meningeal irritation, severe shortness of breath, and signs of dehydration.

  • b 161 (20%) of 794 contacts were referred to the emergency department without an alarm sign present (that is, no referral indication by the guideline).