Table 2.

Reasons given for suspecting that there was something unusual about the child’s illness

ReasonnText from questionnaire
Classical presentation of Kawasaki disease5
  • Classical features

  • Constellation of symptoms and timeline

  • Fitted diagnostic criteria, she was ill!

  • Full house of symptoms recorded, not present 2 days before

  • Series of symptoms

Recognition of particular
Kawasaki disease features
  • Desquamation of skin on hands and feet

  • Desquamation, persistent fever, and lymphadenopathy

Duration of illness6
  • Duration of fever together with signs in eyes, lips, and hands

  • Duration, arthralgia prominent

  • Persistent fever and infections

  • Persistent pyrexia

  • Persistent pyrexia and some of the above features

  • Slow onset and didn’t resolve quickly — gradually got worse over 3 weeks

Concern over specific features4
  • Large swelling on right-hand side of the neck — ? lymphadenitis

  • Query purpura – bruises upper thigh, macular facial rash

  • Rash unusual

  • Sent into hospital because of post-temperature arthralgia and child limping

Unwell child3
  • Child very unwell given the viral symptoms he presented with

  • Raging fever for at least 3 days and crying a lot

  • Unwell with conjunctivitis

  • Parental concern