Appendix 1.

Questionnaire sent to GPs

1.When was the first consultation with the illness eventually diagnosed as Kawasaki disease?
2.When was the child referred to the hospital in which the diagnosis of Kawasaki disease was made?
3.When was the illness diagnosed as Kawasaki disease?
4.List of further consultations in primary care and hospitals between the dates in Q 2. & 3.
5.Which of the features of Kawasaki disease were present:
Febrile more than 5 daysYes □No □Unknown □Date first seen: ____/____/____
Bilateral conjunctivitisYes □No □Unknown □Date first seen: ____/____/____
Polymorphous rashYes □No □Unknown □Date first seen: ____/____/____
Red, dry, or cracked lipsYes □No □Unknown □Date first seen: ____/____/____
Strawberry tongueYes □No □Unknown □Date first seen: ____/____/____
Diffuse redness in mouthYes □No □Unknown □Date first seen: ____/____/____
Red palms or solesYes □No □Unknown □Date first seen: ____/____/____
Oedema of hands or feetYes □No □Unknown □Date first seen: ____/____/____
Peeling of skinYes □No □Unknown □Date first seen: ____/____/____
Cervical lymphadenopathyYes □No □Unknown □Date first seen: ____/____/____
6.Was Kawasaki disease in your differential diagnosis before admission to hospital?
Yes □    No □    Unknown □
7.Was there anything about the child’s illness that made you suspect that it was unusual (e.g. a rare condition like Kawasaki disease)?
Yes □    No □    Unknown □
If yes please specify:_____________________________________________________________________