Table 2.

Unit costs of treatment and NHS service delivery required to achieve blood pressure control in patients with uncomplicated stage 1 hypertension

Cost typeCost per unit, £Annual cost per patient, £
Patients requiring no drugsPatients requiring one drugPatients requiring two different drugsPatients requiring three different drugs
  Amlodipine 10 mg (28-tablet pack)1.07 (1 pack)013.9627.9241.87
  Ramipril 10 mg (28-capsule pack)1.30 (1 pack)016.9633.9250.87
  Indapamide 2.5 mg (28-tablet pack)1.40 (1 pack)018.2636.5354.79
  Total treatment for a patient aged <55 yearsb-016.9630.9249.18
  Total treatment for a patient aged ≥55 yearsb-013.9630.9249.18
Service deliveryc,d
  Practice nurse45/hour11.2522.5033.7545.00
  Nurse specialist81/hour20.2540.5060.7581.00
Total cost of treatment (aged ≥55 years)
  Drug + practice nurse-11.2536.4664.6794.18
  Drug + nurse specialist-20.2554.4691.67130.18
  Drug + GP-36.0085.96138.92193.18
  • a Costs taken from NHS Electronic Drug Tariff database, correct as of May 2013.28

  • b As defined by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence treatment algorithm.

  • c Costs of service delivery given per consultation (unless otherwise stated) based on a face-to-face, 15-minute nurse consultation or a 11.7-minute GP consultation.

  • d Costs taken from Unit Costs of Health and Social Care 2012.29