Table 3.

Participant viewpoints from questionnaire on the potential advantages and disadvantages of self-disclosure from existing literature

Potential advantages of self-disclosureAgreeNeither agree nor disagreeDisagree
• Enhances patient support and empathy16
• Creates sense of closeness1132
• Increases patient motivation and adherence151
• Makes it easier for patient to share their experiences with physician16
• Develops trust and mutuality16
• Helps reduce any power imbalance in the relationship151
Potential disadvantages of self-disclosureAgreeNeither agree nor disagreeDisagree
• Skews the doctor–patient relationship727
• Burdens the patient97
• Takes focus away from patient’s needs826
• Risk of expanding professional relationship into a more personal/intimate one1213
• Creates patient curiosity and dependency844
• Reduces the credibility of the doctor4111