Table 2.

Variables associated with antibiotic prescribing at P<0.01 that were excluded from the multilevel logistic regression model due to low overall prevalence

VariableChildren affected, n (%)Prescribed antibiotics, n (%)Odds ratioP-value
Muscle aches/pains90 (9.0)37 (41.1)2.140.001
Colic/grimacing/pulling up legs46 (4.6)7 (15.2)0.490.085
Haematuria4 (0.4)4(100)N/A0.005a
Poor urine flow37 (3.7)17 (45.9)2.500.005
Past history of UTI58 (5.8)22 (37.9)1.800.035
Past history of hypertension2 (0.2)2 (100)0.017
Same day hospital admission20 (2.0)00.007
  • a Fisher’s exact test used. UTI = urinary tract infection.