Table 2.

Characteristics of GPs and patients

CharacteristicSubsample A, %aSubsample B, %aP-value
GPsn = 39n = 17
Mean age, years (SD)51.1 (6.8)49.0 (7.3)0.31
Female sex33240.46
Mean years in practice (SD)13.9 (7.6)12.1 (8.3)0.36
Urban practice location46820.01
Patientsn = 578n = 254
Mean age, years (SD)60.2 (13.9)57.4 (13.5)0.007
Female sex51.750.80.80
History of vascular diseaseb27.522.80.16
History of hypertension52.444.50.035
History of diabetes mellitus13.712.20.78
History of smoking17.025.60.004
History of dyslipidaemia40.838.60.54
  • SD = standard deviation.

  • a Unless stated otherwise.

  • b Including coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, or peripheral artery disease.