Table 1.

Characteristics of general practices and their populations in England, 2011–2012 (n = 7800)

MeanSD10th centile90th centile
Practice A&E attendance rate, per 1000 population299.588.125.8587.5
Total QOF points971.739.9929.7998.0
Practice list size69804244239212 520
List size per FTE GP1839125610742635
IMD score25.817.07.251.3
Black/black British, %
Asian/Asian British, %
White ethnicity, %81.822.346.398.4
Age 0–4 years, %
Age ≥65 years, %
GPPS Q3: Patients finding it easy to contact surgery by phone, %80.814.160.795.7
GPPS Q12: Patients able to get an appointment at last attempt, %
GPPS Q30: Patients with a long-standing health condition, %
GPPS Q33: Patients confident in managing own health, %92.33.887.296.5
GPPS Q36: Patients knowing how to contact an out-of-hours service, %61.710.148.073.6
  • A&E = accident and emergency. FTE = full-time equivalent. GPPS = General Practice Patient Survey. IMD = Index of Multiple Deprivation. QOF = Quality and Outcomes Framework. SD = standard deviation.