Table 6.

Multivariate analysis of association of developing molluscum contagiosum within groups of patients with atopic eczema for age, corticosteroid strength, and eczema diagnosisa

Independent variableOR95% CIP-value
Corticosteroid potency
Corticosteroid strength:
  Moderate0.370.10 to 1.500.16
  Potent or very potent0.880.73 to 1.060.17
Age at initial AE diagnosis
Age group, years:
1–41.371.32 to 1.42<0.005
5–91.040.99 to 1.100.07
10–140.250.23 to 0.27<0.005
AE diagnosis:b
Primary AE diagnosisRef
Secondary AE diagnosis0.890.83 to 0.94<0.005
  • a These are independent variables in a single multiple logistic regression model.

  • b Information is available from the author on request. AE = atopic eczema. MC = molluscum contagiosum. OR = odds ratio.