Table 1.

Demographics, indication of steam inhalation, mechanism, and anatomical area of burn injury

YearAge, yearsSexIndicationMechanismAnatomical area
201010FemaleLRTIBoiling waterLeft hand, left thigh
20104MaleCroupFacial steamer + boiling waterLeft thigh
20104MaleCroupBoiling waterLeft forearm and left elbow
201113FemaleNot specifiedBoiling waterBoth legs, groin
201110FemaleHayfeverBoiling waterBoth thighs, perineum
20121FemaleCoryzaBoiling water + Vicks® VapoRubLeft thigh, buttock
20122MaleColdBoiling waterRight thigh
201315MaleColdBoiling waterBoth thighs, penis, scrotum, abdomen, both hands
201313MaleColdBoiling water + Olbas® OilAbdomen, genitalia
20142FemaleColdSteam inhaler + boiling waterMedial left thigh, right middle and ring finger
201415FemaleColdBoiling waterBoth lower legs, both feet
20146FemaleColdBoiling waterRight buttock
201414MaleCold and headacheBoiling water + lemon juiceLeft dorsum foot
20151FemaleColdBoiling water + Olbas OilLeft hand (palm)
20152FemaleTemperature and coughBoiling waterFace, right chest, right leg, left arm
20157FemaleColdBoiling water + mintBoth thighs, buttocks, left leg, abdomen
  • LRTI = lower respiratory tract infection.