Table 5.

Monitor precision and failure rate by amount of usage, head office data

Category of usageAnnual usage ratePharmacies where monitors tested, nFailure rate, % (n)Mean difference, mmHg (95% CI)
High116–275.51331 (4)1.22 (0.72 to 1.71)
Medium high86.5–108.51010 (1)0.87 (0.34 to 1.41)
Medium low60.5–82.51315 (2)0.78 (0.32 to 1.24)
Low13.5–59.5166 (1)0.47 (0.04 to 0.90)
  • Data available only at level of pharmacy (four failures happened in pharmacies where multiple devices were being used, making it difficult to interpret the relationship with usage).