Table 3.

Responders’ use of NHS 24

How many times used NHS 24 telephone in totalOnce24541.1
2–5 times27946.8
6–10 times549.1
>10 times183.0
How many times used NHS 24 telephone in past yearNone31252.6
2–5 times9115.3
>5 times91.5
When was your call?During normal hours457.6
Out of hours54992.4
Where were you?At own home52688.7
Who was the call for?You27245.4
Your child11419.0
Your spouse/partner11919.9
Your parent345.7
Another relative335.5
Reasons for using NHS 24 instead of another serviceaOut of hours48487.5
Too ill to leave home9116.5
Don’t know who else to contact498.9
It was quick — no waiting time458.1
It was convenient315.6
Don’t want to bother GP234.2
Could not get a GP appointment213.8
Unhappy with previous health professional71.3
Reason for calling NHS 24Advice about a new symptom/problem41469.0
Advice about an ongoing symptom/problem17128.5
General health advice or local information152.5
  • a More than one reason could be given.