Table 4.

Monitor precision and failure rate by amount of usage, as reported by pharmacy staff

Category of usageAmount of usageMonitors tested, nFailure rate, % (n)Mean difference, mmHg, (95%CI)
HighTwice daily or more1217 (2)1.05 (0.55 to 1.55)
Medium highMore than once daily up to twice daily1020 (2)0.68 (0.14 to 1.22)
Medium lowMore than four times weekly up to once daily166 (1)0.65 (0.23 to 1.07)
Low‘Very little’ — up to four times weekly176 (1)0.67 (0.19 to 1.15)
UnsureaUndefined633 (2)
  • a Unsure refers to when staff were unable to provide evidence or estimate the amount of usage of a monitor.