Table 4.

Amenable deaths from diabetes

ICD-10 codeQuintile 1 (greatest deprivation), % of total deaths for ICD-10 codeQuintile 5 (least deprivation), % of total deaths for ICD-10 codeOverall deaths for ICD-10 code, n
E100: type 1 diabetes with coma0***0*6**
E101: type 1 diabetes with ketoacidosis without coma5640−1613**163014
E102: type 1 diabetes with renal complications****0*1311−2
E104: type 1 diabetes with neurological complications*0*000***
E105: type 1 diabetes with peripheral circulatory complications33**0**18180
E106: type 1 diabetes with other specified complications0000**0**
E107: type 1 diabetes, multiple complications*******6*
E109: type 1 diabetes without complications3130−11517210264−38
E110: type 2 diabetes with coma0**000*5*
E111: type 2 diabetes with ketoacidosis*60*000*10*
E112: type 2 diabetes with renal complications4228−140**193920
E114: type 2 diabetes with neurological complications***0***6*
E115: type 2 diabetes, peripheral circulatory complications25349*13*618322
E116: type 2 diabetes with other specified complications0000**0**
E117: type 2 diabetes with multiple complications3629−700014173
E119: type 2 diabetes without complications3223−910122188146−42
E140: unspecified diabetes with coma37**0002715−12
E141: unspecified diabetes with ketoacidosis364260008415571
E142: unspecified diabetes, renal complications2821−7131419291−1
E144: unspecified diabetes, neurological complications*0**0*6**
E145: unspecified diabetes, peripheral circulatory complications3629−711132257139−118
E146: unspecified diabetes, other specified complications000000*0*
E147: unspecified diabetes with multiple complications24**15**4632−14
E149: unspecified diabetes without complications323971210−2810320−490
  • * Data derived from patient numbers between 1 and 4; these have been omitted for confidentiality purposes. ICD-10 = International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (10th revision).