Table 3.

Preventable emergency hospitalisation for diabetes

ICD-10 code and definitionQuintile 1 (greatest deprivation), % of total admissions for ICD-10 codeQuintile 5 (least deprivation), % of total admissions for that ICD-10Overall admissions for ICD-10 code, n
E100: type 1 diabetes with coma2728114162640313−327
E101: type 1 diabetes with ketoacidosis without coma313101312−1627188412570
E107: type 1 diabetes, multiple complications340−342142215312−41
E108: type 1 diabetes with unspecified complications2821−714**31039−271
E109: type 1 diabetes without complications262821615−168316527−304
E110: type 2 diabetes with coma2932312120828774−54
E111: type 2 diabetes with ketoacidosis323201112113422278936
E117: type 2 diabetes with multiple complications14*****379−28
E118: type 2 diabetes with unspecified complications32342811322076−144
E119: type 2 diabetes without complications3232012120666284011739
E121: malnutrition-related diabetes with ketoacidosis000*0**0*
E129: malnutrition-related diabetes no complications********0
E130: other specified diabetes with coma******610*
E131: other specified diabetes with ketoacidosis*47*01212134330
E137: other specified diabetes, multiple complications0000000**
E138: other specified diabetes, unspecified complications*0*******
E139: other specified diabetes without complications2422−21816−213422591
E140: unspecified diabetes with coma2624−21232209125−66
E141: unspecified diabetes with ketoacidosis2832413196432209−223
E147: unspecified diabetes with multiple complications***0****0
E148: unspecified diabetes with unspecified complications40**20**306−24
E149: unspecified diabetes without complications293121612−4657443−214
E162: hypoglycaemia, unspecified3030012131747611 5644088
  • * Data derived from patient numbers between 1 and 4; these have been omitted for confidentiality purposes. ICD-10 = International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (10th revision).