Table 2.

Demographic comparisons of GP trainees and GPs

VariableGP trainee, n (%) n= 136GP, n (%) n= 448P-valuea
Male sex30/128 (23.4)287/443 (64.8)<0.001b
Age ≤40 years125/128 (97.7)68/445 (15.3)<0.001b
Age 41–50 years3/128 (2.3)104/445 (23.4)<0.001b
Age >50 years0/128 (0)273/445 (61.3)<0.001b
Proportion of trainees working in general practice setting88/129 (68.2)
  • All tests are 2 x 2 χ2 tests for association, as the variables are categorical and independent. Missing values were excluded.

  • a As multiple testing (15 comparisons) was performed, a Bonferroni adjustment to the 0.05 α level was applied to limit the potential of a type 1 error.

  • b A P-value0.003 is considered significant in this context.