Table 4.

GP experience of opiate substitution treatment and attitude towards a lay naloxone project

VariableProvides OST, n (%) n= 110Does not provide OST, n (%) n= 331P-valuea
Urban area68/108 (62.9)99/327 (30.3)<0.001b
Has patients who use illicit opiates101/109 (92.7)223/321 (69.5)<0.001b
In favour of lay naloxone project80/108 (74.1)209/327 (63.9)0.053
Would take part in lay naloxone project47/110 (42.7)93/327 (28.4)0.005b
  • All tests are 2 x 2 χ2 tests for association, as the variables are categorical and independent. Missing values were excluded.

  • a As multiple testing (4 comparisons) was performed, a Bonferroni adjustment to the 0.05 α level was applied to limit the potential of a type 1 error.

  • b A P-value of0.0125 is considered significant in this context. OST = opiate substitution treatment.