Table 1.

Definitions of targeted prescribing and outcome measures

Measure short nameMeasure definition (patients in NHS Forth Valley immediately before intervention)Associated harmNHS Forth Valley intervention periodPrevalence of high-risk prescribing in NHS Forth Valley immediately before intervention, rate per 1000 (95% CI)
‘Triple whammy’Patients aged ≥65 years (n= 51 595) prescribed diuretic + ACEI or ARB + NSAID (n= 596)Acute kidney injury15,16April 2013–March 201411.6 (10.7 to 12.6)a
NSAIDs in older peoplePatients aged ≥65 years (n= 51 595) prescribed NSAID without gastroprotection (n= 1 832)Gastrointestinal bleeding17April 2013–March 201435.5 (33.9 to 37.1)a
NSAIDs with OACPatients prescribed OAC (n= 3 423), then prescribed NSAID without gastroprotection (n= 23)Gastrointestinal bleeding17April 2013–March 20146.7 (4.5 to 10.0)b
Antipsychotics in older peoplecPatients aged ≥75 years (n= 22 980) prescribed oral antipsychotic (n= 512)Stroke and death18April 2014–March 201522.3 (20.5 to 24.3)d
  • a Rate per 1000 population aged65 years.

  • b Rate per 1000 prescribed OAC.

  • c As a proxy for older people with dementia.

  • d Rate per 1000 population aged75 years. ACEI = angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor. ARB = angiotensin receptor blocker. NSAID = non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. OAC = oral anticoagulant.