Table 5.

Factors affecting the decision to prescribe tamoxifen for patient (% agreement, n = 928)

Willingness to prescribe
Overall, %Unwilling, %Willing, %P-value
Evidence for the benefits of the drug95.087.697.2<0.001
The existence of NICE guideline (or national equivalent)95.087.697.2<0.001
Patient awareness of possible harms and benefits94.181.997.6<0.001
The patient’s level of risk for breast cancer93.882.996.9<0.001
Patient interest in taking tamoxifen90.674.895.3<0.001
GPs’ confidence in their knowledge of tamoxifen89.583.391.40.001
Evidence for the harms of the drug89.389.089.40.880
The patient’s support from the family history cliniciana88.669.094.3<0.001
First prescription being made by family history clinician86.072.788.4<0.001
Policy of GPs’ clinical commissioning group80.282.479.50.360
Prescribing off-label74.691.469.6<0.001
The first prescription being made by GP71.985.066.0<0.001
Attitudes of colleagues at the same career stage61.657.632.80.170
Attitudes of more senior colleagues59.458.159.70.670
Prescribing budget in GPs’ general practice42.141.442.30.810
Financial costs of tamoxifen41.437.642.50.210
  • a This item was only asked of those GPs allocated to the relevant condition. NICE = National Institute for Health and Care Excellence.