Table 1.

Number of medications per therapeutic subgroup prescribed before the consultation, and number of proposed and observed medication changes in 59 patients

Medication therapeutic subgroup (ATC code)Medications used before, consultation, nProposed medication changes after consultation, nObserved medication changes at follow-up,a n
Lipid-modifying drugs (C10)3272
Analgesics (N02)1221
Urologicals (G04)1420
Laxatives (A06)1622
Mineral supplements (A12)1011
Psycholeptics (N05)1510
Respiratory drugs (R03)3220
Antacids (A02)4120
Diabetes drugs (A10)2711
Antithrombotics (B01)5721
Beta-blocking drugs (C07)3411
Diuretics (C03)4210
RAS-inhibitors (C09)4100
Cardiac drugs (C01)1800
Ca-channel blockers (C08)1400
  • a Follow-up data were available from 57 of the 59 patients.

  • b Proposed changes were recorded in 20 patients.

  • c Observed changes were recorded in 10 patients. ATC = anatomical therapeutic subgroup. Ca = calcium. RAS = renin–angiotensin system.