Table 1

Practice characteristics

Practice numberAreaEthnic minority % populationaeConsult use per daybIndex of Multiple Deprivation decilec
Practice 1Urban17.5–20.02.95
Practice 2Rural0.0–2.50.910
Practice 3Urban35.0–37.51.61
Practice 4Urban7.5–10.00.21
Practice 5Urban5.0–7.50.73
Practice 6Urban10.0–12.50.88
  • a Ethnic minority data are estimated proportion of non-white population at each GP practice (presented in 2.5% bands to preserve anonymity).

  • b Calculated by dividing the number of e-consultations recorded by the number of days live prior to commencement of the study.

  • c GP practice levels of deprivation based on Index of Multiple Deprivation and grouped by decile (1 = most deprived, 10 = least deprived). Deprivation and ethnic minority data from National General Practice Profiles (Public Health England).12