Table 3.

Practice-level results of search test

NumberRead Code that identified themIn clinical option do they have an LD? yes/no/don’t know, and notes
1Receives disability living allowanceNo (after some exploration)
2Asperger’s syndromeNo, just Asperger’s without LD
3Learning difficultiesNo, not clear why this term was on record, possibly dyslexia
4Asperger’s syndromeDon’t know
5Learning difficulties/cerebral palsyaYes
6Referral to learning disability teamaYes
7Autistic disorderNo. Just autistic, no LD (clinical decision)
8Learning difficultiesDon’t know
9Asperger’s syndromeNo
10Learning difficultiesDon’t know
  • a Numbers 5 and 6 in bold show that the practice found two people who they felt did have a learning disability and were not on their register. LD = learning disability.