Table 2.

Patient characteristics

Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) cancer stage groupa
  Not known3984
  White13 850(95.0)
  Not known1462
  Is a native English speaker14 251(95.3)
  English is not the patient’s mother tongue but they are very fluent in English452(3.0)
  English not mother tongue and patient not fluent in English154(1.0)
  English not mother tongue and communication only possible through translator91(0.6)
  English not mother tongue but communication possible because of mother tongue concordance with GP10(0.1)
  Is a native Welsh speaker2(0.0)
  Not known1076
Communication difficulty
  No difficulty12 326(89.6)
  Cognitive impairment495(3.6)
  Hearing impairment440(3.2)
  Vision impairment194(1.4)
  Language barrier169(1.2)
  Speech impairment97(0.7)
  Learning difficulty94(0.7)
  Severe longstanding mental illness86(0.6)
  Not known2276
Housebound status
  The patient is not considered housebound12 997(89.0)
  The patient is considered housebound1263(8.7)
  Lives in residential/nursing care home340(2.3)
  Not known1436
Living arrangements
  Living alone2834(23.4)
  In residential or nursing home530(4.4)
  Not known3923
Number of comorbidities
  Not known403
Type of comorbidity
  No comorbidity3801b(24.3)
  Cardiovascular disease3230(20.7)
  Arthritis/musculoskeletal disease2769(17.7)
  Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease2342(15.0)
  Previous cancer1763(11.3)
  Cerebrovascular disease1083(6.9)
  Cognitive impairment688(4.4)
  Severe longstanding mental illness385(2.5)
  Longstanding physical disability257(1.6)
  Other comorbidity3094(19.8)
  Not known403
  • a UICC cancer stage group as recorded by NCRAS.

  • b Values in italics are for variables where multiple answers could have been selected and the percentages will add up to more than 100%. Percentages are calculated after removal of ‘not known’ and ‘screening’ groups from the total (n = 17 042) in each category. NCRAS = National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service.