Table 1.

Characteristics of participants and their practices (n = 15)

Mean age, years (range)44 (30–56)
Mean years in role (range)14 (0.5–29)
GP partner3 Male, 7 Female
Salaried GP1 Male, 4 Female
Specialist interest in dermatology1 Male, 1 Female
Personal experience of eczema (family member affected)2 Male, 0 Female
Mean self-reported confidence with eczema management, 0 low, 10 high (range)7.3 (5–9)
Mean list size (range)10 441 (5478–18 221)
Mean practice IMD 2015,a 1 low, 10 high (range)6.2 (1–10)
  • a Index of multiple deprivation (IMD) 2015 (an overall measure of deprivation experienced by people living in an area).