Table 1.

Demographics of GPs interviewed

GP participantSexCompleted RCGP substance abuse modulesYears of experienceLocationNumber of GPs in practice (male:female)
GPs with a special interest in drug misuse
1MaleYes>15Inner city7 (3:4)
2MaleYes>15Inner city4 (1:3)
3FemaleYes>15Outer city5 (2:3)
4FemaleNo5–10Inner city6 (2:4)
5MaleYes10–15Inner city6 (1:5)
6MaleYes>15Inner city4 (2:2)
7FemaleYes>15Inner city7 (1:6)
8FemaleYes>15Inner city7 (3:4)
GPs without a special interest in drug misuse
9MaleNo10–15Outer city8 (3:5)
10FemaleNo5–10Outer city7 (3:4)
11FemaleNoGP traineeInner city9 (3:6)
12MaleNo>15Inner city8 (3:5)