Table 4.

Modelling of failure to complete tests

Univariate modellingMultivariate modelling
OR95% CIP-valueOR95% CIP-value
Test type (blood test is reference)0.262a
Imaging2.620.73 to 9.440.141
Other tests2.200.47 to 10.270.316
Time frame given0.770.30 to 2.020.601
Admission length1.010.99 to 1.040.363
Receipt time estimate0.990.91 to 1.070.720
Specialty surgical1.180.21 to 6.550.849
GP ratio to population1.001.00 to 1.000.952
EMIS Web IT system2.981.12 to 7.910.0293.671.30 to 10.350.014
Training practice status2.640.70 to 9.920.151
Practice size (small is reference)0.210a
Medium practice size0.410.11 to 1.550.190
Large practice size0.240.05 to 1.190.081
IMD of practice1.030.99 to 1.080.193
Urban practice2.980.35 to 25.250.316
QOF score of practice0.970.84 to 1.110.640
CQC rating (1 = outstanding)1.690.71 to 4.020.235
Patient sex, male2.300.87 to 6.070.0912.951.04 to 8.360.042
Number of medicines changes0.890.74 to 1.080.240
Hospital (Nottingham QMC is reference)0.189a
Central Manchester Hospital3.330.84 to 13.170.086
University of Coventry Hospital2.400.70 to 8.180.162
Other hospitals0.730.14 to 3.820.707
Follow-up on phone2.060.76 to 5.570.154
  • a ANOVA P-values are from a likelihood ratio test, the remainder are Wald P-values. ANOVA = analysis of variance. CQC = Care Quality Commission. EMIS = EMIS = Egton Medical Information Systems. IMD = index of multiple deprivation. OR = odds ratio. QMC = Queen’s Medical Centre. QOF = Quality and Outcomes Framework.