Table 1.

Acceptance of two strategies aimed at case finding women with a history of ovarian cancer in primary care for genetic counselling and DNA testing

AcceptanceCase-finding strategy, n (%)
Measurement data
GP practices approached for participation3646
Uptake: GP practices’ active follow-up of patients with OC11 (31)21 (46)
Questionnaire data
GP practices sent questionnairesa,b3646
GP practices returning questionnaires10 (28)17 (37)
Number of questionnaires returnedb10 from 10 practices30 from 17 practices
Feasible in daily practice– Yes7 (70)18 (60)
– No2 (20)5 (17)
– No answer1 (10)7 (23)
Desirable in daily practice– Yes8 (80)21 (70)
– No1 (10)4 (13)
– No answer1 (10)5 (17)
  • a Only practices that expressed an interest in participating in the study were sent a questionnaire.

  • b The number of questionnaires sent to GP practices corresponds with the number of GPs working in the practice. Therefore, multiple questionnaires could be returned from one GP practice. OC = ovarian cancer.