Table 3.

Logistic regression on perceptions of health education materials with patient-related variablesa

Independent variableP-valueOR95% CI
I find posters and/or leaflets in the waiting room useful
  Written HEMs0.003b2.2141.311 to 3.739
  Reading in the WR0.0121.8341.144 to 2.940
    No qualifications0.006
    Below university level0.0690.5240.261 to 1.051
    University level and above0.0020.3310.164 to 0.669
I normally notice posters, leaflets, and other information on display in the waiting room
  Sex (male)0.0480.5810.340 to 0.995
  Reading in the WR0.0003.2901.804 to 6.000
The displays in the waiting room are well-designed and attractive
Waiting time0.0430.9840.970 to 1.000
  No qualifications0.048
  Below university level0.1280.6250.342 to 1.144
  University level and above0.0150.4700.256 to 0.864
  • a Logistic regression including the following variables: age, sex (male/female), racial background (white/non-white), sexual orientation (heterosexual/non-heterosexual), smoking status (ever smoked/never smoked), education (university level and above/below university level/no qualifications), disability (limited/not limited), English as first language (yes/no), general practice visits in last 6 months, waiting time, written HEMs (yes/no), electronic HEMs (yes/no), face-to-face health information (yes/no), reading in the waiting room (yes/no), using electronics in the waiting room (yes/no), nothing/other in the waiting room (yes/no).

  • b Results in bold indicate statistical significance (P<0.05). HEM = health education material. OR = odds ratio. WR = waiting room.