Table 1.

Characteristics of children (n = 8394) and parents

CharacteristicMedianIQRBased on Na
Child’s age, years31–68394
Number of children in home21–28355
Family deprivation scoreb16.78.8–29.58201
Illness duration at recruitment, days53–108390
Number of parent-reported symptoms prior to consultationc75–98320
Number of parent-reported symptoms within 24 hours of consultationc64–88229
Characteristic% (n)*Based on Na
Child’s sex, male51.6 (4331)8394
Child’s ethnicity, white78.4 (6546)8349
Mother a current smoker18.0 (1491)8285
Breastfeeding at 3 months44.2 (3441)7784
Illness got worse recently66.0 (5533)8383
  • a Total N variable specific data included in analysis.

  • b The Indices for Multiple Deprivation score ranges from 0 (least deprived) to >90 (most deprived). Ethnicity, deprivation score, and prevalence of maternal smoking were similar to national figures.12,13

  • c Median of positively reported parent-reported symptoms from the case report form out of a possible 20. IQR = interquartile range.