Table 5.

Reason given by patient for query, grouped into categories, N = 5140

Medication related, for example, medication and side effects52910.29
Administrative request4348.44
Specific symptoms4298.35
Skin condition (including fungal infections)4107.98
Ear, nose, and throat2985.80
Musculoskeletal issues2965.76
Female health2494.84
Chest and respiratory issues2444.75
Gastrointestinal concerns2404.67
Mental health2304.47
Request test or test result2074.03
Complaint about specific part of the body2043.97
Specific illnesses/infections or acute events2033.95
Sexual and reproductive health1532.98
Renal and urological concerns1442.80
Head complaints921.79
Multiple conditions reported831.61
Request described generically is unclear or unknown681.32
Cardiovascular concerns621.21
Long-term conditions611.19
Allergies and reactions460.89
Oral concerns310.60
Male health240.47
Procedure or equipment220.43
Concerns about a baby illness/feeding/growth200.39
Request to speak to a doctor/pass on a message100.19
Dietary deficiency70.14
Box used to express query about someone else, for example, son50.10
Patient request to access specific service40.08
  • Percentages rounded to one decimal point.