Box 2.

Themes, subthemes, and codes describing stakeholder views

Main themeSubthemesCodes
Clinical impactCommunicationCurrent communication barriers at primary–secondary care interface
Discharge information accessibility for GPs
Patient empowerment
Clarity in transitional care
Error reductionOccurrence of error in current system
Quality of discharge medication information
Role of PHARMS device in error reduction
Future use of PHARMSUse at admission
Use at discharge
Use in community pharmacy
Use during travel
Intervention characteristicsPhysical attributesShape and structure of PHARMS device
Mechanism of operation
Integration with usual careModificationIntegration of information in GP software system
Mandatory completion of fields in hospital system
Use of hospital formulary
Improving patient knowledge
WorkloadProcess efficiency
Time constraints
Deviation from usual practiceUncertainty regarding PHARMS device operation
Infrequent use of PHARMS device
Role of nursing staff in facilitating use of PHARMS device
ITHospital hardware issues
Mixed electronic and paper hospital record system
Installation issues in hospital
  • PHARMS = patient-held active record of medication status. IT = information technology. USB = universal series bus.