Box 3.

Example of eliciting and legitimising goalsa

Time, minutes:secondsLineSpeakerExcerpt
00:311GP038:Okay. What else matters to you at the moment, apart from that?
01:212Pt304:I, I’m, well, I’ve had this small heart attack and, of course er I’m always anxious that um (0.5) there will be a repeat, or a stroke or something=
5Pt304:But and I’d like to (0.3) somehow not be so worried about that as a future and also, I realise I suffer quite badly from anxiety and sometimes occasional depression and I think the anxiety sort of makes everything worse=
01:429Pt304:=And probably impacts on my (0.2) health yeah=
11Pt304:And certainly my blood pressure.
  • a (Number) indicates a pause measured in tenths of a second inside brackets. [ ] marks start and end of overlapping talk. Underlining locates emphasis. Equal sign indicates no gap between two lines of talk. Pt = patient.