Box 5.

Example of collaborative action planninga

Time, minutes:secondsLineSpeakerExcerpt
13:011GP026So it’s about eating er so what I need to do is put, so we need to write down here our goal=
4 lines omitted
13:198GP026So — (0.5) goal (0.2) to gain weight.
9Pt206Please, yes.
1 line omitted
11GP026Okay (.) Now — (0.5) we need to make that goal (0.9) in a way that we can think about whether we’ve achieved anything in 6 months’ time.
14GP026=Erm, and so we want to put some numbers on it to make it specific. You’re 33 kilos now (0.7)
17GP026It would be very ambitious I think in 6 months to put [10 per cent weight]
19GP026on which would be another 3 kilos, half a stone that would be very [ambitious]
21Pt206[Won’t] yeah but it would be lovely wouldn’t it
22GP026It would now we can be ambitious (0.2) but we want to try and achieve it=
23Pt206=Yeah I think to be that ambitious (1.5) I would probably do something silly and make myself violently sick.
25GP026So we don’t [want to do that]
26Pt206[So we don’t want] that, no
27GP026So I think we ought to try and tailor, tailor it down a bit=
14:1228Pt206=Yes certainly
  • a [Number] indicates a pause measured in seconds inside brackets. (.) indicates a pause of less than 0.2 tenths of a second. [ ] marks start and end of overlapping talk. Underlining locates emphasis. Equal sign indicates no gap between two lines of talk. Pt = patient.