Box 4.

Example of collaborative action planninga

Time, minutes:secondsLineSpeakerExcerpt
06:091GP025:No, oh well we’ve got a few nice things to work on here (0.2). Sounds like meeting people of a similar age is the one thing that’s really [in your]
3Pt205:[I do]
4GP025:[Big goal]
06:205Pt205:[That is something] I want to do.
19 lines omitted
07:0725GP025:No, well let’s move on to so I think that we’ve let’s write those down because I think they’re excellent, I think you’ve come up with some really good ones there (0.6). So um the first one is meet people (2.9) (GP025 writes on sheet)
4 lines omitted
32Pt205:I do go to the one at the church erm (2.0) bereavement thing, I go there
07:3534Pt205:[So I meet people there]
75 lines omitted
10:31110GP025:Yeah (0.3), yeah, so we’re looking for groups where you’ll meet other [females by the sounds of it]
112Pt205:[An’ that’s right that’s it]
116Pt205:er, go out, have a cup of tea, have a walk an’ [other things]
117GP025:[Yeah] yeah,
118have you been to the um (0.2) (church) group of (0.4) which is um (0.2) in (town). I got their leaflet somewhere? (0.9) Let me have a look (0.7) here we are.
  • a [Number] indicates a pause measured in seconds inside brackets. [ ] marks start and end of overlapping talk. Underlining locates emphasis. Equal sign indicates no gap between two lines of talk. Pt = patient.