Box 2.

Example of patient preparationa

Time, minutes:secondsLineSpeakerExcerpt
00:031GP018:I’m er Dr GP018 (0.5) take a seat.
2Pt109:Thank you sir (1.9)
3GP018:Right, yeah so hh=
4 (6 lines omitted)Pt109:=I filled in paperwork, as instructed by the lady.
00:2011GP018:Do you feel you had a (0.3) chance to, sort of, ask a lot questions and get a good understanding of what this is [all about, yeah?]
00:2513Pt109:[Yes I did yes yes I did] (0.3)
00:2814GP018:And how did you find, um (0.5), er setting goals or having a think about what sort of things you were? (0.7)
16Pt109:Well, there were several things I thought of that I’d like to do right
00:4018Pt109:Um, (1.3) hhh I take quite a high dose of (0.5) different types of tablets=
19GP018:=Yeah, yeah.
20Pt109:And I’d like to er see if there’s any possible way to cut some back=
21GP018:=Okay, yeah.
22 (10 lines omitted)Pt109:Right, (2.0) and I walk to a, roughly about a mile a day, right?
01:1933GP018:Okay (0.2) yes, so, um, yeah, we’ll definitely go through those — sounds like you’ve had a good — good think about it, actually, and come up with some good stuff.
  • a [Number] indicates a pause measured in seconds inside brackets. [ ] marks start and end of overlapping talk. Underlining locates emphasis. Equal sign indicates no gap between two lines of talk. Pt = patient.