Table 4.

Results from a logistic regression model to investigate the effect of patient characteristics of relevance on the odds of adherencea

Odds ratio95% CIP-value
Intercept1.650.05 to 82.240.78
Age, years1.020.99 to 1.060.19
Sex, female/male1.030.54 to 2.00.92
PCRS, PCRS/private0.630.2 to 1.660.36
Pulse pressure >60 mmHg, yes/no0.600.31 to 1.120.11
ACE inhibitor, yes/no0.500.26 to 0.950.04
Calcium channel blockers, yes/no1.830.88 to 3.810.11
Diuretic, yes/no0.390.02 to 2.60.40
Combination medications, yes/no0.700.34 to 1.390.31
  • a Variables identified previously in the literature 6,11,12that were identified as useful predictors of adherence (Table 3) were included in this model. PCRS =primary care reimbursement service. Private =private patient.