Table 3.

Patient responses to the instruction ‘From the list of disadvantages of using telephone/video consulting, please tick all that apply to your consultation’ in patient questionnaire

ResponseTC, n (%) (N= 38)VC, n (%) (N= 43)Total, n (%) (N= 81)
None selecteda21 (55)23 (53)44 (54)
I could not hear the GP/nurse properly4 (11)7 (16)11 (14)
I could not see the GP/nurse properly7 (16)
It was a problem that the GP/nurse and I could not see each other5 (13)
I could not find a private room to make the call4 (11)2 (5)6 (7)
It cost me money000
It was too complicated000
My appointment took longer to arrange3 (8)1 (2)4 (5)
I feel less cared for than if I had seen my GP/nurse in person3 (8)3 (7)6 (7)
I needed an additional appointment2 (5)3 (7)5 (6)
Other6 (16)4 (9)10 (12)
  • a Three TC patients and two VC patients explicitly stated there were no disadvantages via the ‘Other’ option. TC = telephone consultation. VC = video consultation.