Table 2.

Top 10 topics perceived as most useful to discuss in a consultation regarding discontinuation of antidepressant medication by patients and professionals, followed by their mean and rank order of priority scores

Topics (top 10)a,bPatients (n = 37)Professionals (n = 27)
Individual dose-reduction schedule (#22)4.4313.967
Relapse prevention (#50)4.2724.114
Current quality of life and psychological functioning (#6)4.1633.7412
Fear of relapse (#11)4.0343.968
Advantages and disadvantages of discontinuing antidepressants (#3)4.0353.7413
Regular counselling sessions to provide guidance (check-ups) (#43)4.0063.6714
Time period and rate of dose reduction (phasing of the dosage) (#23)4.0073.6715
Provide information about withdrawal symptoms (#17)3.9584.301
What options are there if things do not go well after you stop (#19)3.8493.3324
Previous experiences with dose reduction (#21)3.78104.192
Current effect: What effect do you notice from the medicine (for example, calm, balanced, flat) and what do you think of that? (#12)3.65124.115
Expectations: What do you hope to achieve? (#1)3.65133.9310
Reason(s) to stop taking antidepressants (#4)3.65144.116
Suicidality (#8)3.54204.153
Signalling plan: Which situations do not go so well, what happens, what can you do about it? (#18)3.51233.939
  • a # = topic number from Figure 1.

  • b Fifteen topics listed as both patient and professional groups provided five of the same topics within their top 10.