Table 2.

Baseline opioid usea

Opioid useEnrolled service users
Reported reason for original opioid prescriptionc
  Back pain9/3228.1
  Spinal or disc degeneration/deformities5/3215.6
Opioid dose, mg, median (IQR)9060 to 240
Opioid drug
  Oxycodone family7/3420.6
  Multiple opioid drugs16/3447.1
Duration of use, yearsc
Motivation for usec
  Coping with feelings4/3212.5
  Withdrawal allowance1/323.1)
  • a All details are self-reported except for opioid drugs.

  • b Unless stated otherwise.

  • c Denominators reflect the total number of service users for whom these data were collected. Therefore, denominators of less than 34 indicate missing data. IQR = interquartile range.