Box 1.

Topic guide used to structure the interview

Can you tell me about when you were last told you may have cellulitis?
  • What did you notice?

  • What made you go and seek medical advice?

  • How long did you wait to seek help?

  • Who did you see?

  • Why did you see this person?

  • What happened then?

  • Were any tests done?

  • What do you think went well?

  • Was there anything that might have been more helpful?

  • How was this similar to previous cases of cellulitis you have had?

Can you tell me about any occasion when diagnosing your cellulitis was a problem?
  • What did you have on this occasion?

  • At what point did you seek medical advice?

  • What was diagnosed?

  • Do you know why this was diagnosed?

  • Did anything change from how you were?

  • What did you do next?

  • How long did you wait to seek advice again?

  • What was done differently this time?

  • Do you know what the final diagnosis was?

We are interested in how different people diagnose cellulitis
  • Who normally makes the diagnosis of your cellulitis?

  • Are you confident that they will make the correct diagnosis?

  • Would you see them again regarding cellulitis?

  • Has your cellulitis ever been diagnosed by anybody else?

  • If so, was there a difference in the approach that was used?

  • What did they ask?

  • What tests did they use?

  • Has this changed who you would see in future?