Table 1.

Practice list size statistics for each Health Education England region

HEE RegionPracticesPractices dropped for missing list size or <1000 patientsPractices in analysisMean list sizeSD list size
East Midlands54345399046.985478.40
East of England681166659872.386267.91
Kent, Surrey and Sussex50845049641.875254.84
North Central and East London49054858004.374229.52
North East33623348327.724886.66
North West10801210687344.775065.17
North West London36043567119.474575.85
South London40573989265.175847.61
South West506550110045.485947.01
Thames Valley243423911071.215573.64
West Midlands80397947886.935816.66
Yorkshire and the Humber683116728780.646184.08
  • HEE = Health Education England. SD = standard deviation.