Table 5.

Characteristics of patients missing appointments

CharacteristicFrequency (how many studies the characteristics were reported), n
Health-related factors
Presence of mental health diagnosis5 5,8,10,21,31
Presence of at least one physical health condition4 5,10,24,32
Demographic-related factors
Socioeconomic status
  Minority/non-white patients8 2325,2728,3132,34
  Low sociodemographic status/deprived areas5 21,24,26,33,36
  Poor education126
Insurance status
  Medicaid or self-pay4 10,25,27,30
  Publicly funded insurance22324
  Younger patients (<21 years)8 8,10,21,25,2728,3031,34
  Older patients (>75 years)210,33
  Patients aged 20–39 years131
  Female3 28,31,33
Patient status
  Patients who have previously missed appointments3 8,29,35
  New patients130
Type of appointment
  Appointment booked further away314,19,32
  Scheduled Well-child appointment223,36
  Live further away from appointment location136