Table 1.

Proportion of patients with bullous pemphigoid exposed to oral prednisolone as presented in published studies, presented alongside dose and duration information

PublicationCountrySettingYearsnTreatment timingPatients on oral prednisolone, %Additional dose and duration detail
Balestri et al (2018)12ItalyClinic2008–201253Initial96.2Dose range: 0.5–0.75 mg/kg/day
Kremer et al (2017)13IsraelHospital2008–2014104Initial78.1Mean dose: 57.3 mg/day (range 30–70 mg/day)
Zhang et al (2013)14ChinaHospital2005–201094Initial85.0Maximum dose: range 20–80 mg/day
Esmaili et al (2012)15IranHospital1987–2007122Initial73.8Mean dose: 60.38 mg/day (SD 21.21, range 5–120 mg/day)
Kulthanan et al (2011)16ThailandClinic1991–200958Initial89.7Mean cumulative dose to achieve remission: 0.05 g/kg
Serwin et al (2007)17PolandHospital, clinic2000–200535Initial68.6Dose range: 40–60 mg/day
Nanda et al (2006)18KuwaitClinic1991–200541Initial100
Tan and Tay (2018)19SingaporeHospital2004–2012100Any time96.0Mean duration: 11.6 months (range 1 week to 60 months)
Wong and Chua (2002)20SingaporeHospital1998–199959Initial76.0Mean dose: 31.2 mg/day (range 15–60 mg/day) when used as monotherapy
Chang et al (1996)21TaiwanHospital1977–199486Initial83.7Mean dose: 54.1 mg/day
Garcia-Doval et al (2005)22SpainHospital1998–200326Unclear53.9Mean daily dose at start of therapy: 34 mg (SD 9.8, range 20–50 mg/day) Mean duration: 20 months (SD 12)
  • SD = standard deviation.